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Hunting & Trapping


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To qualify for a hunting license, applicant must have a Hunter's Education Certificate or a valid previous Hunting License.
  • Junior Hunting and Junior Archery applicants must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  A Birth Certificate is required for 1st time applicants.
  • Junior Archers must have a Hunter's Education Certificate or a previous Hunting License plus a Bowhunter's Education Certificate or previous Junior Archery License.
  • Junior Hunting applicants must have a Hunter's Education Certificate or previous Junior Hunting License.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 years who are hunting Big Game for the first time as a holder of a Big Game License, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or person over 18 with at least one year experience in hunting deer or bear.  The parent, guardian or person over 18 must have a current license that allows the hunting of big game.
  • Senior Citizens age 70 and older become eligible for a reduced license fee of $10.00. 
  • To qualify for Military Disabled, the applicant must have 40% or greater service-related military disability documented annually by a letter from the Veteran's Administration.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is now using a method for selling licenses, issuing Deer Management Permits (DMP) and reporting game harvest information.  The system is called DECALS  - DEC Automated Licensing System.

DECALS will provide sportspersons with a more convenient way to obtain licenses and permits.  It will also provide issuing agents and the DEC with a more efficient system for gathering and maintaining information on hunting and trapping license buyers and license sales.  In addition, the new automated reporting system will allow the DEC to tabulate and analyze game harvest more quickly and economically than ever before.

Mandatory Hunter Education

A hunter education course is required for persons who cannot provide proof that they have ever possessed a hunting license.  The general course is a minimum of ten (10) hours in length.  The department of environmental Conservation (DEC) honors hunter education certificates and sporting licenses from all other states and countries.

Mandatory Bowhunter Education

Hunters wishing to bowhunt must take an additional eight (8) hour minimum bowhunter education course.  The DEC also honors bowhunter education certificates issued by:

  • The National Field Archery Association or National Bowhunter Education Foundation or Interntaional Bowhunter Education Program issued in 1974 or later in any state or country;
  • Any state or provincial fish and wildlife agency (Certificate or card must specify the course was for bowhunting and not a general hunting course with a bowhunting segment);
  • The Ontario Bowhunters Association (on green or brown letterhead stationery with moosehead bow-and-arrow emblem until July 31, 1987); or
  • The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (on letterhead after August 1, 1987.)


To qualify for a resident license, a person must live in New York State for more than thirty days immediately prior to the date of application.  Land ownership in New York does not make a person a resident.  Residency is that place where a person maintains a fixed, permanent, and principal home (regardless wherever temporarily located), such as where a person is registered to vote.  If under the age of 18, the residence of parents or legal guardian shall be deemed such person's residence.

Active members of the Untied States Armed Forces stationed in New York and full-time college students in residence in New York State during the school year (proof required) qualify for annual resident licenses.

Deer Management Permits

Deer Management Permits (DMP) are issued by a random computer drawing and the hunter will know immediately whether successful in obtaining a permit.  Although some hunters may not be selected for permits at the point of sale, there will be an opportunity to purchase leftover in a "clearance sale" later on. 

Back Tags

Tags must be visibly displayed on the middle of the back while hunting, except in the Northern Zone and Catskill Park.

Need more information?

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