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Mailbox Replacement Policy Due to Snowplow Damage

The following was adopted by the Kirkwood Town Board on October 6, 2020:

It is a New York State Attorney General ruling that mailboxes and private property that are placed in the public right of way, are not subject to repair by the municipality. In most instances, mailboxes are damaged due to the heavy snow and ice as it is being removed from the roadway.

The Town will repair or replace mailboxes and posts only if, after an inspection by the DPW, the Town has deemed the damage was caused by the negligent operation of our plows.  If the Town determines that your mailbox was damaged during the course of normal snow removal activities, or due to a rotten post, or rusted box, repairs will not be made.

If the Town of Kirkwood does need to replace a damaged Mailbox or Post it will be replaced with a standard metal mailbox with a 4” pressure treated post. Due to frozen ground, it may be necessary to place a temporary mailbox and post so that you can still get your mail until proper repairs can be made.

Fancy or special mailboxes will not be replaced; therefore, for the winter season you may want to replace your mailbox with a standard one.