Building and Code Enforcement


Town of Kirkwood Building and Code Enforcement
41 Francis Street
Kirkwood, NY 13795
Phone: (607)775-4313
Fax: (607)775-9924

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Please call for appointment.

Due to the limited hours, please call the office first to be sure someone is available.

Chad Moran, Building & Code Inspector

Carol Preston, Clerk PT


The Town of Kirkwood maintains high expectations when dealing with building codes and other ordinance enforcement.  The main duty of the Town Building and Code Enforcement Office is to make sure that all residents and future residents of the Town are adhering to the rules set forth by both state and town law.  This includes fire inspection, building permits, and property maintenance laws.  If you have any questions regarding town or state code please direct your questions to the Building and Code Enforcement Office at 607-775-4313.

Building Permits

The following is a checklist of the necessary materials you MUST present to the building department in order to be eligible for a building permit:

  1. Original plans specific to the project. These may need to be stamped by a New York State licensed architect or engineer. SUBMIT TWO COMPLETE SETS OF PLANS.
  2. Specifications for the project.
  3. Workers’ Compensation document or signed Certificate of Insurance Waiver signed.
  4. County or State approval information, if located outside of the Sewer District.
  5. Completed Building Permit information.
  6. Appropriate fee, checks should be payable to: The Town of Kirkwood.

After the plans are reviewed and corrections and modifications are completed, a Building Permit will be issued.

During the construction, inspections are required.  Please contact us at least TWO DAYS in advance for the inspections on the list.

Please be sure that ALL of the inspections are performed including a final inspection.

If electrical work is installed, the electrical inspections are performed by any one of the two independent agents (Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Services, Inc, or Atlantic Inland Inc.).  Please contact one of them and schedule inspections for the electrical work with them.  They charge separate fees.

After the project is completed, submit to us a copy of the final electrical inspection certificate.

**Any question should be directed to the Town Building Department

Building Permit Fees


One and two family dwellings   $100.00 plus $.10 per sf in excess of 1000 sf
Multiple Dwellings   $300.00 plus $.10 per sf in excess of 1000 sf
Addition/Alteration   $100.00
Repair   No Charge
Barn   $25.00
Chimney/Fireplace/Stove   $25.00
Decks   $50.00
 Decks at Ground Level (less than 144 sf)   No Charge
Garage   $50.00
Ramp (Permanent)   $50.00
Ramps (Temporary - no longer than 6 months)    No Charge
Repairs (Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Only)   $25.00
Roof (Replacement) $25.00
Swimming Pool   $50.00
Solar Panels   $100.00
Sheds (more than 144 sf)   $50.00
Generators (Standby)   $50.00

Agricultural/Rural Residence:

Mobile Home                                                       $200.00
General & Industrial Construction   $200.00 plus $.05 per sf in excess of 2000 sf
Accessory Building   $100.00 plus $.05 per sf in excess of 2000 sf
Addition   $200.00 plus $.05 per sf in excess of 2000 sf
Roofing Replacement   $250.00
Repairs (Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Only   $200.00
Alterations   $250.00
Signs (over 10 sf each sign)   $100.00
Solar Panels   $500.00
Cell Tower Modification   $500.00
Demolish Structures:    
Residential   $50.00
Commercial/Industrial   $50.00
Permit Renewal (after 1 year)   $25.00 for each three (3) months
Work started without permit   Double normal fee
Certification Letters from Code Enforcement Officer   $75.00 each request
Engineering copier (approx. 24" X 36")   $2.50 per sheet
Miscellaneous Application Fees:    
Recycling and Recovery Application Fee   $4000.00
Subdivision Application Fee   $50.00 per lot
Miscellaneous License Fees:    
Junk License   $200.00
Mobile Home Park License   $1500.00 per year
Peddlers License   $250.00 per year
Miscellaneous Permit Fees:    
Aquifer Protection District Permit Fee   $200.00
Aquifer Protection District - Publication Costs   $75.00
Floodplain Development Permit   $250.00
Business Two - Entertainment:    
Special Registration Use Permit   $2000.00
Special Registration Use Permit Renewal   $2000.00
Permit   $75.00
Special Permit   $75.00 each
Temporary Sign Erection   $50.00
Political Signs   $0.00
Power Plant Permit   $1.00/kilowatt (maximum $150,000.00)
Planning Board Fees:    
Site Plan Review of new use   $100.00
Site Plan Review of existing use   $100.00
Publication Costs   $100.00
Zoning Board of Appeals Fees:    
Application   $50.00
Publication Costs   $75.00

Fire Inspection

All buildings, uses and occupancies (except for one and two-family dwellings) MUST be inspected at least once every 36 months.  Places of Assembly must be inspected annually.  An inspection of a building or dwelling unit may also be performed at any other time upon:

  1. The Request of the owner or authorized agent
  2. Receipt of a written statement specifying the ground upon which the Uniform Code exists
  3. Other reasonable and reliable information that such violations exists
  4. If four or more inspections are required due to violations not being resolved, there is a $25.00 fee per visit for the fourth visit and also each visit thereafter

Property Maintenance Code

Owners of property are responsible for the appearance of this land and the structures that are located on the property.  A person shall not occupy or permit another person to occupy a structure or land that is not deemed sanitary.  Occupants of a dwelling are responsible for maintaining the proper housekeeping of their living area.  Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by New York State is subject to a citation and appearance in Town Court.  A full copy of these conditions is available at the Town Building Office.


Building Permit Application

Political Sign Permit Application

Short Environmental Assessment Form

Planning Board Application

Zoning Board Of Appeals Application